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I cannot recommend highly enough the professional manner in which BCBM operate throughout their bases in the UK, their first concern is to their clients, they practice a very transparent and open management. Costs are paid monthly and shared by all syndicate members, which keeps costs down we are all involved in the syndicate management and hold annual meeting to determine all facets of the syndicate. I have total trust in BCBM, long may it continue.

Owner from Little Dawn – January 2021

Thank you very much for your help in this sale, and for all the help that BCBM has given us over many years. We wish BCBM well.

Owner from Endeavour – January 2021

May we take this opportunity to thank you both and the rest of the team at BCBM for the manner in which you have supported the syndicate and us over the time of our ownership of our share -- it is much appreciated.

Owner from Invincible – October 2020

It's been a fantastic few years we've had with Wigston and BCBM. I am only sad I'll health has forced the sale. Say thanks to all the team from us.

Owner from Wigston – October 2020

Thank you both for your messages. I was out for a couple of hours this afternoon and on my return found the payment was already in my account. It was only 32 days ago that I asked for your guidance on how to sell the share and in this very short period of time the deal is done and the payment made. I am indebted to both of you for the speed and efficiency with which you have handled this. I am very sad to have had to sell my share and also that this brings to an end my relationship with BCBM. I have always felt that my investment was safe with you and from start to finish you have amply demonstrated that this faith was totally justified. It has been a pleasure to be a small part of the BCBM family of boat owners.

Owner from Evening Shadow – September 2020

Thank you so much for all you have done, it has always been appreciated, your names have almost become family names to us. All our best wishes to both of you and to BCBM for the future ahead.
Many thankful Regards.

Owner from Black Watch – August 2020

Many thanks for all your assistance and work during my boat share ownership. I bought my share just a few weeks prior to the demise of Ownerships. That was a bit of a jolt, to say the least. The organised approach and transparent financial process offered by BCBM was a welcome change.

Owner from Cotonwood – July 2020

We shall miss the BCBM staff as well as our fellow owners.

Owner from Sometimes – June 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Andrew, Carole, Charles, Tracey and the rest of the BCBM team for all that you have done to support us throughout our seven years ownership of our share in First Dawn. You are a great team.

Owner from First Dawn – June 2020

We are indeed very fortunate to number you amongst our Owners and likewise in our friends of BCBM who are going way above and beyond in what they are doing for us, so thanks again to Mark, Charles, Carole, Dee and all their colleagues.

Owner from Swallow – June 2020
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Many thanks to you and all at BCBM for your management, support, and maintenance of Broadsword during our time as owners. It was worth the money. 

Owner from Broadsword – September 2023

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