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We pride ourselves on our customer service, you can read all about our Customer Service Charter by clicking here. Customer comments can be read below:

“You caught me in a complete mess having set off the wrong way down the canal and I was having to steer the boat backwards in a thunder and lightning storm. Then to have a lovely young lady waving at me,was all a bit mad in the pouring rain. However excellent customer service I can't fault your concern!”

Owner in Isis

“I'm very glad that you and BCBM are so happy to engage with your customers like this.”

Owner in Victorious

“We'd like to thank you all for your help and support since the syndicate joined BCBM, and particulary Dee's help with the sale of our share. We'd like to be in a position to buy another share at some point in the future, and you can be assured we'll look no further than boats managed by you when we do.”

Owner from Swallow

“Thank you very much for this.  It is with great sadness that we have given up our share.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our 17 years of shared ownership and particularly the last 6 years with BCBM.  Ever since my first contact with Andrew and meeting up with Carole and John Cunliffe and Andrew at Nantwich to bring Somnia into the BCBM fold you have all been extremely friendly and helpful.”

Owner from Somnia

“You have all done so much to make our family's time on the cut so enjoyable. ”

Owner from Dawn Chorus

“I cannot recommend highly enough the professional manner in which BCBM operate throughout their bases in the UK, their first concern is to their clients, they practice a very transparent and open management. Costs are paid monthly and shared by all syndicate members, which keeps costs down we are all involved in the syndicate management and hold annual meeting to determine all facets of the syndicate. 
I have total trust in BCBM, long may it continue.”

Owner in Little Dawn

“Thank you very much for your help in this sale, and for all the help that BCBM has given us over many years. We wish BCBM well.”

Owner from Endeavour

“Maybe we will be in touch again in the future when we have eased back on the sailing a little?! In the meantime, thanks and regards to you and Charles, Andrew, Dee and the rest of the BCBM team for your dedication and excellent service we have experienced as part of the Invincible syndicate since 2007.
Take care and keep up the good work”

Owner in Invincible — 2016

“Chris and I always tell people about the fantastic experience we have had (and will continue to have I am sure) with BCBM. Well done to you and all your colleagues for all your hard work and professional organisation.”

Owner in Breaking Dawn — 2016

“Ann and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at BCBM for their help over the past few years, and of course most recently yourself for facilitating the sale of our share. We really enjoyed being part of the Dawn Chorus syndicate. If we are in Audlem we will certainly drop in for that cuppa.

With our thanks and best wishes for the future.”

Owner from Dawn Chorus — 2016

“Very many thanks. You have been brilliant and in the fairly short time we have been with BCBM, we have been so impressed with their service and courteous efficiency.”

Owner from Keynsham — December 2016

“Thank you very much to all of you at BCBM. I think you've run a pretty tight ship (sorry!) over the years and it's been straightforward, efficient and pleasant to deal with you all. I wish yourselves and the company every success in the future.”

Owner from Broadsword — March 2017

“Please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all the BCBM team who have helped make our last few years on Sojourn comfortable and as trouble free as possible.”

Owner from Sojourn — March 2017

“Very many thanks for all your cheerful and professional help over the years. We greatly enjoyed our time with you.”

Owner from Endeavour — June 2017

“Our thanks to Andrew and you and the rest of the team at BCBM for all that you have done for the Broadsword owners over the years. Please pass on our thanks to everyone involved.”

Owner from Broadsword — June 2017

“We wish you and BCBM well in the future as you are professional in all that you do for your clients.

Kind regards to all the team”

Owner from Wigston — July 2017

“Thank you for your excellent management of our boat. Hope to deal with you again in the future, perhaps with a boat a little further north.”

Owner from Honeystreet- August 2017

“As for the service BCBM offers, very pleased and would gladly give you a testimonial to express as such. The share scheme got me back into boating after a ten year break and I was so happy that I had to have more. The organisation of the shares, management and responsiveness of staff is excellent and we've seen lots of your boats out whilst cruising. Good luck.”

Owner from Sojourn — August 2017

“I have thoroughly enjoyed our time on invincible and I would like to thank for yourself and all the staff at BCBM for the very professional and friendly way you have managed Invincible during the time we spent on her.”

Owner from Invincible — October 2017

“We would like to thank you and all your staff for all your help over the past years of our part ownership, which we have thoroughly enjoyed.”

Owner from Apperley — March 2018

“Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts regarding our share sale and during our time with Little Dawn. We hope the new owners get as much pleasure and enjoyment out of the boat as we did and would like to wish the syndicate and BCBM all the best for the future. Should we find ourselves looking at larger boats again once the opportunity arises we know where to come. ”

Owner from Little Dawn — June 2018

“Thank you very much for overseeing the process of selling our share in Phoenix.
We have had a very enjoyable 6 years as part of the Phoenix Syndicate and had many memorable trips on board. Owning a share was a good option for us, and a positive experience. However, as we are now in the position of having more time available it was the right time to venture off on our own! ”

Owner from Phoenix — June 2018

“We have really enjoyed our share in Cotonwood and think share boating is an excellent concept when run in the way BCBM do it!”

Owner from Cotonwood — August 2018

“Plus my huge thanks to You (Tracey) and Dee and Carole and Charles for all the help I have received from you all whenever I had a problem, even when you didn't see it as a problem. All of you have been generous with your time and help when I needed it and Anne & I are truly grateful.”

Owner from Sometimes — October 2018

“Just a quick note to thank you for all your help over the past seven years, both in my time as 'unofficial' chairman and also in the sale of the two shares.”

Owner from Moonlight Shadow — Nov 2018

“Dear Dee and Ann,
Thank you again for coming to our rescue last week. You and your Mum are stars! ”

Owner from Benbow — Nov 2018

“Thanks Dee — we have had a great first year on Dawn Mist and very much appreciate the professional service we get from you and all your colleagues.”

Owner in Dawn Mist — Dec 2018

“We very much appreciate your professionalism. Great customer service is very much wanting here in France ”

Owner from Sometimes — Dec 2018

“Would also like to thank everyone at BCBM for their continued help and support, it's good to know your there, and indeed was invaluable when faced with a rudder issue back in October. ”

Owner from Dawn Chorus — Dec 2018

“I thank you and BCBM for your care and attention and responsive attitude to owners which has been excellent and makes shared ownership a pleasure which we will miss.”

Owner from Shelton — Feb 2019

“Many thanks for all your help. You have been an excellent organisation to deal with.”

Owner from Hera — April 2019

“Just wanted to thank you, and all the team at BCBM for all your hard work and good advice. We have loved having a share in Phoenix , and having the safety net of BCBM has been a comfort. You never know, we might be back if we decide a whole boat to ourselves isn't for us. Anyway, so long , farewell and many thanks. ”

Owner from Phoenix — May 2019

“Thank you for your excellent service. We started boating in early 1980's.Later, was the first time we met Andrew, and we were please to find out his involvement in BCBM. and thats the reason to buy a share in Dawn Mist.
We would like to wish you all the very best for the future.”

Owner from Dawn Mist — July 2019

“Thank you Dee and all at BCBM for all you have done over the years from when you took over management of Sylph when Ownerships went out of business and when we bought shares in Champion.

Best wishes to BCBM and everyone who works there""

Owner from Champion — August 2019

“Thank you so much for all the excellent support and management, you are a great team and we are going to miss you all.
Bless you”

Owner from Sundowner — October 2019

“Just a brief note to say 'Thank You' for all the work you did involving the sale of our share and to wish you, Tracy and all at BCBM all the best for the future. Who knows, we may yet take you up on your offer of a cup of tea if we are ever Audlem way.”

Owner from Apperley — October 2019

“Thanks, have a great Christmas everyone at BCBM. We've had a few challenges with Valkyrie this year and it's been very reassuring to know we have such a professional team behind us. Best wishes for the year ahead.”

Owner from Valkyrie — December 2019

“Many thanks to all of you at BCBM but particularly you and Andrew. You guided us through and gave us lots of advice which made the whole experience a pleasure. We shall hope to come across you some time in the future.”

Owner from Dawn Mist — January 2020

“We shall miss the BCBM staff as well as our fellow owners.”

Owner from Sometimes — June 2020

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Andrew, Carole, Charles, Tracey and the rest of the BCBM team for all that you have done to support us throughout our seven years ownership of our share in First Dawn. You are a great team.”

Owner from First Dawn — June 2020

“We are indeed very fortunate to number you amongst our Owners and likewise in our friends of BCBM who are going way above and beyond in what they are doing for us, so thanks again to Mark, Charles, Carole, Dee and all their colleagues.”

Owner in Swallow — June 2020

“Many thanks for all your assistance and work during my boat share ownership. I bought my share just a few weeks prior to the demise of Ownerships. That was a bit of a jolt, to say the least. The organised approach and transparent financial process offered by BCBM was a welcome change”

Owner from Cotonwood — July 2020

“Thank you so much for all you have done, it has always been appreciated, your names have almost become family names to us. All our best wishes to both of you and to BCBM for the future ahead.

Many thankful Regards”

Owner from Black Watch — August 2020

“Thank you both for your messages. I was out for a couple of hours this afternoon and on my return found the payment was already in my account. It was only 32 days ago that I asked for your guidance on how to sell the share and in this very short period of time the deal is done and the payment made.

I am indebted to both of you for the speed and efficiency with which you have handled this.

I am very sad to have had to sell my share and also that this brings to an end my relationship with BCBM. I have always felt that my investment was safe with you and from start to finish you have amply demonstrated that this faith was totally justified. It has been a pleasure to be a small part of the BCBM family of boat owners.”

Owner from Evening Shadow — September 2020

“May we take this opportunity to thank you both and the rest of the team at BCBM for the manner in which you have supported the syndicate and us over the time of our ownership of our share — it is much appreciated.”

Owner from Invincible — Oct 2020

“It's been a fantastic few years we've had with Wigston and BCBM. I am only sad I'll health has forced the sale. Say thanks to all the team from us.”

Owner from Wigston — Oct 2020

“a huge thank you to both of you for all the care and attention you take on our behalf. It certainly has been very much appreciated, and hopefully we can be back with BCBM in the future with a different boat.”

Owner from Shelton — April 2021

“Thanks so much to both of you for all your help, not only with this but for everything over the years I have been an Apperley shareholder.

I shall miss Apperley very much but all going well I shall be back to buy a share in another boat with you at some point in the future when circumstances change again.”

Owner from Apperley May 2021

“We have both enjoyed our holidays on, and share ownership of both Champion and Black Watch. It has been a great experience. Moreover, BCBM has been great and really looked after us. The team is first class and extremely professional. Your knowledge and experience was reassuring in the early days and considerate as time went by. ”

Owner from Black Watch July 2021

“Thanks for all your excellent work and pleased to say we would thoroughly recommend BCBM onto anyone interested in canal boating. We are only leaving because we have a motorhome now and are enjoying our travels in that......hence our last 5 weeks in France. Happy days!”

Owner from Isis April 2022