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Thank you to you and all your team for our very enjoyable experience over the last few years and it has been a pleasure doing business with you. Hopefully we may even get back on the "cut" in years to come and it would be you we would turn to first.

Owner from Valkyrie – December 2022

Thanks, have a great Christmas everyone at BCBM. We've had a few challenges with Valkyrie this year and it's been very reassuring to know we have such a professional team behind us. Best wishes for the year ahead.

Owner from Valkyrie – December 2021

We have both enjoyed our holidays on, and share ownership of both Champion and Black Watch. It has been a great experience. Moreover, BCBM has been great and really looked after us. The team is first class and extremely professional. Your knowledge and experience was reassuring in the early days and considerate as time went by.

Owner from Black Watch – July 2021

Thanks so much to both of you for all your help, not only with this but for everything over the years I have been an Apperley shareholder. I shall miss Apperley very much but all going well I shall be back to buy a share in another boat with you at some point in the future when circumstances change again.

Owner from Apperley – May 2021

a huge thank you to both of you for all the care and attention you take on our behalf. It certainly has been very much appreciated, and hopefully we can be back with BCBM in the future with a different boat.

Owner from Shelton – April 2021

You caught me in a complete mess having set off the wrong way down the canal and I was having to steer the boat backwards in a thunder and lightning storm. Then to have a lovely young lady waving at me, was all a bit mad in the pouring rain. However excellent customer service I can't fault your concern!

Owner from Isis – January 2021

I'm very glad that you and BCBM are so happy to engage with your customers like this.

Owner from Victorious – January 2021

We'd like to thank you all for your help and support since the syndicate joined BCBM, and particulary Dee's help with the sale of our share. We'd like to be in a position to buy another share at some point in the future, and you can be assured we'll look no further than boats managed by you when we do.

Owner from Swallow – January 2021

Thank you very much for this. It is with great sadness that we have given up our share. We have thoroughly enjoyed our 17 years of shared ownership and particularly the last 6 years with BCBM. Ever since my first contact with Andrew and meeting up with Carole and John Cunliffe and Andrew at Nantwich to bring Somnia into the BCBM fold you have all been extremely friendly and helpful.

Owner from Somnia – January 2021

You have all done so much to make our family's time on the cut so enjoyable.

Owner from Dawn Chorus – January 2021
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Many thanks to you and all at BCBM for your management, support, and maintenance of Broadsword during our time as owners. It was worth the money. 

Owner from Broadsword – September 2023

BC Boat Management Ltd

Nantwich Marina, Basin End
Chester Road

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